Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A new year and new resolutions.

I have repeatedly tried to blog about my family for the purpose of friends and family as well as for our family journal. The epic trying and trying again each year shows I have not been very successful. But after a couple of years just dropping it all together maybe I should try again? eh? 

So here's to trying for the new year. I am looking for a great year of new up and downs as well as growth. 

There is not much to post yet for the new year since it's only been a couple weeks.

So here is a year in reviews of fun things and experiences we have done this year!

The annul Alamosa city ice sculptures visit.

I had fun taking pictures of my adorable Grafton. Sterling is not into getting pictures taken.

Kids got spoiled with big stuffed animals this year.

Took the kids to a farm where they had chicks and miniature horse to ride and the Easter bunny. The kids would not go to the Easter bunny.

The easter bunny came to our house and gave the kids some church clothes.

April- May: 
Joe sadly got let go at his job and started searching for a new job locally and far to start his new career.

Isabel had a Minion Day and had fun dressing up!

Isabel Graduated Kindergarten which was a big deal for her and had to celebrate with going to chilies. Even though Joe already had moved to Utah for job interviews and got a job! After working there for a couple weeks he got interviewed by the job he thought he would never get and got an even better job offer, closer to where we wanted to live.

We moved to Utah and started the search for a new house! We also went on a fun camping trip to Moab/ Green River with family. We hiked around and saw the arches and the balanced rock as well as other places. Isabel still talks about this trips and want to go again soon.

Sterling loves the dirt clumps

Isabel got to go with her cousins to Lagoon for the first time. She loved it and lost her voice for the first time, lol.
Isabel talking about her trip


We joined in the annul Fourth of July fun run this year. We did take a short run this year with the kids which was actually "fun!'
Video of events

 A busy week of looking at houses and finally bought our first house!

We celebrated Isabel's 7th birthday with family and cousins and even Grandma and Grandpa Hovey came out to her My Little Pony water birthday party.

I got to join a rare occasion of seeing many friends that I had gowned up with in Virginia at Thanksgiving point. It was nice to see them again and see their own kids!

We had a over night camping trip with the kids "roughing it" as in no potty. Don't think we will do that again.... lol.

After many days painting and prepping the house, new carpet got put in and we got to move into our first new house!

The boys had their birthday's 2 and 3! We celebrated with a train birthday cake.

Isabel made her first cooking show by herself. "How to cook a hotdog."

Isabel's cooking show

Isabel started 1st grade at her new school.
I had a milestone birthday the big 30!

We visited Antelope Island and took some family pictures.


We joined in on many Halloween events this year and the kids got a lot of use out of there costumes. The weather was surprising pretty warm this year too. I was Wonder Women, Isabel was Elsa from the summer video, Grafton was Captain America at first then lost his costume and ended up being Spiderman on Halloween, and Sterling wanted Mickey Mouse but in the end was Iron Man.

Joe decided to do some projects in the garage and end up having our old relator sign from the house fall on his bare foot. In the end he fractured his big toe in pieces and ended up having surgery to get a pin in. It took awhile to heal but he was in a lot of pain for the month of October.

At the end of the month I got a job at the local Kohl's for a seasonal night shift.

Living in Utah we luckily had family to enjoy thanksgiving with. We spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Since I have a new job that is seasonal, thanksgiving and Black Friday were full of me just working :(.

Also can't forget the fun Gilmore party me and my sisters and mom and aunt had together with Gilmore food and watching the new Gilmore girls episodes.

I made christmas stockings for our family this year.

We spent christmas with my side of the family. For the christmas cousin party we had a special visitor come -- Santa Clause. The kids loved it. The big gift the kids got from us were Kid edition Kindle fires which of course they love and already finding how great they are having on outings and appointments. Isabel really wanted clothes for her Elsa doll so I had my first attempt with no pattern making her doll clothes.

Isabel and Grafton got to have swimming lessons and now Isabel can swim without floaties and Grafton will now go on his back and put his face in the water and make bubbles.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Quick view from mid August 2013 to January 2014

August 2013

Grandma Leonard spend some time with us after Grafton was born. Our first walk with the kids and nail painting with Grandma Leonard.

September 2013

Grafton at 1 month old and loosing his hair! Still one happy little boy.

Happy Birthday Heidi!! 

October 2013

 Joe join a 5K run for raising money for the local hospital for cancer patients.  Isabel joined him in the stroller cheering him on!

 Heidi's photo's for photography class.

 Grafton's Baby Blessing!

Halloween 2013

November 2013
Random Cuteness

Grafton Rooting for his Broncos!

Isabel got her hair cut!

December 2013

We spend our Christmas with cousins in AZ where it's warm!

We visited Flag Staff to see the observatory there. Isabel was excited!

Family pictures!

Heidi's make up class mid-term and Final exam

Scar from Lion King

Old man or Santa

January 2014
Brother and Sister love!

Fun bowling night with friends!

It's hard to find picture when it's been so long! But at least here are some to sum up the rest of Aug to January! It was a busy semester with Joe and Heidi going to school. Just one more semester and Heidi will be graduating!

Our family received a surprise Christmas present a couple days before Christmas. Finding out that Heidi is pregnant again!! A big shocker but excited to bring in a new little one into the family. Heidi is due Aug 16th, 2014 - Grafton's 1st birthday!!